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Write The Docs 2017

This presentation, by Matthew Buttler, is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 3.0

In this talk I'll discuss the partnership between documentarians and support and how that relationship can embolden your customers. Documentation can make or break a support interaction. Your average customer or client isn't interested in a lot of work to use your product. They need to know how to make your product do "the thing" without, say, opening a Rails console, or doing some other godforsaken programming trick that you know. You might not know this but your support team has a life of its own that you haven't seen. Having been a documentarian in the context of a support team, I have some pretty interesting things to talk about how you can weave relationships to make everyone's life better, all the way up the food chain. I'll talk about how working in partnership with your support team can not only focus your docs to the points that matter, but let you see how operating as connective tissue between departments makes everyone's life easier.

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