Windy City Rails 2016

Video recording and production done by WindyCityRails.

So you’ve heard it a million times. The Debate is over! TDD won! You are unprofessional if you write a SINGLE line of production code without a failing unit tests. TDD is the one true way to good quality code. Why if you don’t do TDD you’re just a hack like DHH, Rich Hickey or Linus Torvalds. What did they ever do? In this tongue deeply-in-cheek talk I’ll show you all the things wrong with TDD, explain why it doesn’t always work and even hit on a few alternatives. About Eric Smith Eric Smith is a Polyglot developer, trainer, and writer. He’s currently working on the The Guide to Real World TDD featuring real world problems for full stack developers. By day Eric is the Director of Training Services at 8th Light, by night he’s the proud dad of 5 kids and happily married to a QA Engineer. Delivered at WindyCityRails 2016 in Chicago, IL, USA. Learn more about WindyCityRails at

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