Windy City Rails 2016

Video recording and production done by WindyCityRails.

What do you do when a maintainer leaves a project with over 44 million downloads? That is what we had to consider this year when Sprockets lost the developer responsible for more than 70% of the commits. In this talk we will look at recent efforts to revive Sprockets, and make it more maintainable. We will look into how your projects can be structured to avoid burnout and survive a change of maintainers. Let’s save Sprockets. About Richard Schneeman Richard writes Ruby at Heroku, maintains, and co-organizes Keep Ruby Weird. When he isn’t obsessively compulsively playing Starcraft 2 he writes such gems as Wicked, and derailed_benchmarks. He is in the top 50 Rails contributors and an accidental maintainer of Sprockets. Richard is a proud graduate of Space Camp and enjoys the fine art of weiner-dog walking. Delivered at WindyCityRails 2016 in Chicago, IL, USA. Learn more about WindyCityRails at

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