Windy City Rails 2016

Video recording and production done by WindyCityRails.

Horrors and triumphs await new developers and their fellow team members. How do you take a junior developer from crippling fear of failure (hardcore imposter syndrome) to confident speaker at a Rails conference (usual amounts of imposter syndrome)? Included will be concrete examples of why a junior dev shouldn’t shy away from a Rails upgrade, why an organization should bring them in to help, and what tools are necessary to set up success for everyone. About Tara Scherner de la Fuente Tara is a Ruby/Rails developer who currently codes at Roostify. Previously at LivingSocial, she has had careers in academia, human resources, and private investigation. She has an expansive t-shirt collection and masquerades as a goat for @GoatUserStories. She purr programs with her cat Lulu via a remote/distributed/caffeinated living room office in Portland, Oregon. Delivered at WindyCityRails 2016 in Chicago, IL, USA. Learn more about WindyCityRails at

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