Windy City Rails 2016

Video recording and production done by WindyCityRails.

Ruby is an enabler. It empowers programmers to easily write functional code. The problem with functional concepts is that, whenever you try to learn, use them, or hear about them at a conference, it’s all about monads, folds or infinite streams. In this talk, you’ll learn how changing requirements led us on a more evolutionary road from using OO patterns to discovering better, functional ways of writing complex logic. We’ll be converting a messy strategy pattern design to a robust plug-and-play solution (using first-class functions). You’ll learn how to repay technical debt without jeopardising customer relationships and how moving from a minimum viable to a mature product changes a programmer’s perspective towards code. About Tomasz Rusilko Tomasz is an experienced full-stack developer based in Kraków, Poland. He has written software and managed teams in various environments, from big enterprises to small few-person businesses. Currently, Tomasz is all into web development in - a self-managed, Rails and mobile apps chop shop. At home, he is a father to musically talented 7yo Maja, thanks to whom he started playing ukulele. Delivered at WindyCityRails 2016 in Chicago, IL, USA. Learn more about WindyCityRails at

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