Windy City Rails 2014

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Constant Contact is a 10-year-old, publicly-traded SAAS company that provides marketing solutions for 500k+ small businesses. Over the last four years the company has transformed itself from a monolithic architecture to an SOA, from a six month space-shuttle deploy to continuous deployment, and an all-J2EE application to a number of Rails-based and Java services. When they began to look at performance, they found that their most frequent API query was running at an average of 44 seconds. A far cry from its SLA of 500ms, which they now exceed! Dinshaw will share their journey through through AR circumvention, compound-id db partitioning, Torquebox deployment, caching services, and much more. This session will also highlight successes and lessons learned as Constant Contact transitioned from a monolithic architecture and SDLC to continuous delivery of a large number of services. Dinshaw Gobhai has been writing Ruby for close to 10 years and currently works as a programmer at Constant Contact. His first computer was an iMac. He began learning to code at his bar tending job at Scores NYC on slow nights in 1999. He is passionate about testing, automation, and song writing. His best Rubik’s Cube time is 1:59 and enjoys doing a little yoga between pair-programming sessions.

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