Windy City Rails 2014

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Back in 2006, when Dave was helping Kevin Taylor get Obtiva started, they realized that in order to get to where they wanted to go, the standard hiring approach wasn’t going to work. They knew that they needed to grow talented developers at the same time as hiring them. They launched an apprenticeship program that produced over a dozen strong developers, who played key roles in Obtiva’s success. In the years since that time, Dave has distilled the approach they used down to 7 essential ingredients. Come learn how to transition your team from being a skill consumer, to a skill producer, and harness the potential of world-class beginners. Dave is on a mission to help more businesses become skill producers instead of passive, skill consumers. His first exposure to a skill-producing business was during his time at Thoughtworks (2004-2006), where he experienced their world-class learning culture. He took what he learned there to Obtiva (2006-2012), where he started and led a successful apprenticeship program. In 2009, “Apprenticeship Patterns” was published by O’Reilly, a book Dave had been co-authoring with Adewale Oshineye since 2005. In 2012, Dave joined Dev Bootcamp, and led the launch of their Chicago location in 2013. Dave is now working with companies in the Dev Bootcamp Employer Network, helping them start apprenticeship programs, and improve their ability to incorporate newcomers.

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