Steel City Ruby 2013

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We use Ruby in our Web applications. We use Ruby in our scripting. We even use Ruby in our mobile phone applications these days. But here's something new: Using Ruby to control flying robots. The Parrot AR Drone is a consumer grade quadcopter designed to be controlled from your smartphone over a WiFi signal. However, the network protocols for controlling the drone are open and published in the AR Drone SDK, so what is more natural than using our favorite programming language to communicate and control these fun devices. This talk will cover the nature of the AR Drone protocol and the details of getting a Ruby program to communicate to and control the drone. We will talk about the challenges of remote controlling flying objects. And if all goes well, we will actually demonstrate all of the above. After all, admit it. When robots finally take over the world, wouldn't you prefer that they are programming in a friendly programming language like Ruby?

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