SciPy 2014

Video recording and production done by Enthought.

What is yt? "Lingua-franca for astrophysical simulations" AGORA Some selections from the gallery 105 citations to the yt method paper Massively parallel Examples of large-scale calculations and visualizations performed with yt Usage data on XSEDE visualization resources Volumetric data analysis beyond astrophysics Neurodome, Whole-earth seismic wave data, Weather simulation data, Nuclear engineering, Radio astronomy ??? (insert your field here!) What's new in yt-3.0? Rewrite of data selection, i/o, and field detection and creation Octree and particle support (i.e., discrete points) Unit conversions and dimensional analysis baked into the codebase Rethinking the API, 'rebranding' the project Advanced volume rendering Growing the Community The gallery Workshops Contributor statistics. The future New data styles Unstructured meshes Finite element analysis Spectral codes New domain-specific functionality (beyond astrophysics) Browser GUIs powered by IPython

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