SciPy 2014

Video recording and production done by Enthought.

In this tutorial, attendees will learn how to derive, simulate, and visualize the motion of a multibody dynamic system with Python tools. The tutorial will demonstrate an advanced symbolic and numeric pipeline for a typical multibody simulation problem. These methods and techniques play an important role in the design and understanding of robots, vehicles, spacecraft, manufacturing machines, human motion, etc. At the end, the attendees will have developed code to simulate the uncontrolled and controlled motion of a human or humanoid robot. We will highlight the derivation of realistic models of motion with the SymPy Mechanics package. We will walk through the derivation of the equations of motion of a multibody system (i.e. the model or the plant), simulating and visualizing the free motion of the system, and finally we will addfeedback controllers to control the plants that we derive. It is best if the attendees have some background with calculus-based college level physics. They should also be familiar with the SciPy Stack, in particular IPython, SymPy, NumPy, and SciPy. Our goal is that attendees will come away with the ability to model basic multibody systems, simulate and visualize the motion, and apply feedback controllers all in a Python framework. The tutorial materials including an outline can be viewed here:

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