SciPy 2014

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Detailed Abtract In the last years, IPython, a comprehensive environment for interactive and exploratory computing, has arose as must-have application to run in the daily scientific work-flow because provides, not only an enhanced interactive Python shell (terminal or qt-based), but also a very popular interactive browser-based notebook with an unimaginable scope. The presentation of our research results and the teaching of our knownledge are very important steps in the scientific research work-flow, and recently, the IPython Notebook has began to be used for all kind of oral communications in several conferences, curses, classes and bootcamps. Despite the fact that we can present our talks with the IPython notebook itself or through a static Reveal.js-based slideshow powered by IPython.nbconvert (a tool we presented at SciPy 2013), there is not a full-featured and executable (live) IPython presentation tool available. So, we developed a new IPython-Reveal.js-powered live slideshow extension, designed specifically to be used directly from the IPython notebook and to be as executable as the notebook is (because deep inside, it is the notebook itself but rendered with another face), and also powered with a lot of features to address the most common tasks performed during the oral presentation and spreading of our scientific work, such as: main slides and nested slides, fragments views, transitions, themes and speaker notes. To conclude, we have developed a new visualization tool for the IPython Notebook, suited for the final steps of our scientific research work-flow, providing us with, not only an enhanced and new experience in the oral presentation and communication of our results, but also with a super-powerful tool at teaching time, helping us to easily tranfer our concepts and spread our knowledge. Important You can see the extension in action in the following video link: And you can also see the source code of the extension at the following repository:

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