SciPy 2014

Video recording and production done by Enthought.

Outline Overview of astropy (15 minutes) [Greenfield] Exercise: Import astropy, demonstrate that tools are present and echo simple examples given. (15 minutes: allowing for typical start-up problems) Units/quantities (15 minutes) [Droettboom] Exercise: Solve problems using standard units; define new unit; use unit equivalencies; define blackbody function using quantities/units (15 minutes) Tables (20 minutes) [Aldcroft] Exercise: read in provided table files and apply requested table manipulations (20 minutes) Break (15 minutes) Accessing and updating data FITS (30 minutes) [Bray] Exercise: Open supplied data files; manipulate header information; manipulate data; write results; update and append to existing file (30 minutes) ascii tables (15 minutes) [Aldcroft] Exercise: Open supplied ascii files, modify and convert into csv files (15 minutes) coordinates (sky/time) (15 minutes) [Robitaille] Exercises: solve coordinate/time conversion problems; read in various string representations for coordinates/times; print alternate string representations (15 minutes)

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