SciPy 2014

Video recording and production done by Enthought.

Introduction Purpose of matplotlib Online Documentation Mailing Lists and StackOverflow Github Repository Bug Reports & Feature Requests What is this "backend" thing I keep hearing about? Interactive versus non-interactive Agg Tk, Qt, GTK, MacOSX, Wx, Cairo Plotting Functions Graphs (plot, scatter, bar, stem, etc.) Images (imshow, pcolor, pcolormesh, contour[f], etc.) Lesser Knowns: (pie, acorr, hexbin, streamplot, etc.) What goes in a Figure? Axes Axis ticks (and ticklines and ticklabels) (both major & minor) axis labels axes title figure suptitle axis spines colorbars (and the oddities thereof) axis scale axis gridlines legend Manipulating the "Look-and-Feel" Introducing matplotlibrc Properties color (and edgecolor, linecolor, facecolor, etc...) linewidth and edgewidth and markeredgewidth (and the oddity that happens in errorbar()) linestyle fonts zorder visible What are toolkits? axes_grid1 mplot3d basemap

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