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Ruby Midwest 2011

This presentation, by Noel Rappin, is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 3.0

Everybody wants to do test-driven development, but switching to TDD or BDD on an existing project that doesn't have tests presents special challenges. Often, the current code is a tangled mess of dependencies that defeats the very concept of unit testing. Worse, if somebody has attempted TDD in the past, you might have a test suite that needs to be fixed before any new tests can be written. Don't give up. Adding test-coverage and TDD to your application will make it easier. This session will describe techniques that you can use to bootstrap a test-driven process into your project. You'll see how to use "black-box" techniques that don't depend on the structure of the code and "white-box" techniques that interact with the code more directly. Topics covered will include: * Using Cucumber to perform black-box testing. * Using RSpec to perform white-box testing

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