Ruby Kaigi 2014

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In modern development environment, developers use pull requests to review all changes of code. "bundle update" generates diff of Gemfile.lock, so why not review it on pull request as well? I want to have better experience around "bundle update". At RubyKaigi 2013 [1], I also shared an idea about "bundle update" and pull request integration. But after that, I noticed another problem: the diff of Gemfile.lock is not easy to review. In this talk, I will introduce Compare Linker [2], a tool to make GitHub's compare view URL [3] for upgraded and/or downgraded gems from difference of Gemfile.lock. I will talk about my challenge to make "bundle update" more fun to review. I will show my solution (what I made), motivation (why I needed it) and implementation (how I solved problem). I also will share my precious findings from this challenge. [1] [2] [3]

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