Ruby Kaigi 2014

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Fluentd is a fully free and open-source log management tool designed for processing data streams. In this presentation, I will explain the internal implementation details of Fluentd such as: The bootstrap sequence of Fluentd, and how Fluentd loads plugins How Fluentd parses the configuration file How an input plugin passes the data to output plugins internally How a BufferedOutput plugin processes data The event-driven programming using, and effects of GVL I will describe the behavior together with the knowledge obtained in the operation at production. While such detailed knowledge is not essential in the use of Fluentd, it should provide you a variety of useful findings for your operation. DISCLAIMER: In this presentation, I do not explain, what is Fluentd, and how to use Fluentd. Audiences who have following experiences are desirable: Have ever used Fluentd Have ever written Fluentd plugin(s)

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