RubyConf India 2013

"If you're living in a cave and coding all alone, then you can safely skip this talk !" With increasing no of companies, teams and developers making Ruby their primary programming language and a literal explosion of open source libraries, we're done with the era of individual hackers and have entered into the era of large, distributed teams of developers building complex systems with Ruby (and Rails). Therefore, it's imperative that both our private and public Ruby code-bases remain consistently readable and maintainable, while they change hands over longer periods of time. This talk will highlight the importance of following a consistent 'Style' when writing your Ruby and Rails code with lots of examples along with first hand experiences and opinions derived from years of working with Ruby on several small to very large Ruby code-bases. I will also provide useful references and demo tools which could help your team follow the best practices. My goal is to make your teammates love your code. Or at least, hate it a little less :-)

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