RubyConf India 2012

Ruby is a pure object oriented and really a beautiful language to learn and practice. But most of us do not bother to know or care about what happens behind the scene when we write some ruby code. Say creating a simple Array, Hash, class, module or any object. How does this map internally to C code ? Ruby interpreter is implemented in C and I will talk about the Interpreter API that we as ruby developers should be aware of. The main purpose of the presentation is to understand the efforts and complexity behind the simplicity offered. I would also like to touch upon the difference in implementation of some core data structures in different ruby versions. Having known a part of C language implementation behind Ruby, I would also like to throw some light upon when and why would we need to write some ruby extensions in C. Who knows in future someone can come up with one more pure object oriented and even more simpler language written on top of Ruby ? Until that time, let's praise the existing backstage artist behind a beautiful Ruby drama !

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