RubyConf India 2012

In India, VoIP is not commercially legalized. You cannot terminate a VoIP call to a PSTN or mobile! What does that mean for Indian clients? This talk is very relevant for most companies having a support center, a call center or a helpline in India, since infrastructure costs for the traditional way are sky high! This talk is about how we built a hosted Rails solution for SMEs in India to serve out-bound and in-bound calls (including IVR) in India. We used Asterisk (the software EPABX) and Adhearsion (a Ruby framework) to build a fully-featured framework for supporting VoIP over a PRI line with QoS integrated. This is not only legal but also a commercially cost-effective solution. In this talk we are going to see the live demo of how we can did this. It includes: Managing Audit logs of each call. Recording calls, checking the audio logs, finding anomalies. QoS Resource utilization - we can verify that all the calls were for business, find out calls which were private etc. and validate the performance of a Tele-caller! Routing of each call to specific extensions of Tele-callers. Playing sound files for each call function (busy, ringing, dropped) Click to call from the web browser using twinkle

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