RubyConf India 2012

Building a SMS based application involves dealing with 3rd party service providers and mobile network operators. As you can imagine, this is time consuming and, given the cost structures in place, expensive. For quick prototypes it isn't worth the hassle. While waiting for your own short code, only hope would keep you together. However, we've seen the tremendous power and reach of SMS - especially for applications around a social theme at ThoughtWorks' Social Impact Program. EzSMS is our attempt at providing a SMS gateway that can be setup in minutes. Of course it runs on Ruby! All you need is an Android powered phone, a sim-card and data access. Thus it is very easy to prototype your apps. Gone are the days when we, Android owners, would feel alone. With Android activations outpacing births it seems that a hundred billion phones have found homes. In this talk we'll explore Ruboto and JRuby and quickly explain how to create a simple Android application. We'll explore the internals of our application and then compare Ruboto and other Ruby flavoured mobile app development frameworks. We'll also apologize to Sting for mishearing his song "Message in a bottle" .

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