RubyConf India 2012

I am planning to talk on this topic because this topic is very useful for most us and I will basically talk from my experience of coding for Large ruby on rails project, which has approx. 35 engineers working at the code base same time. My plan is to talk about managing large scale projects and test suite of a large project and how to not let the technical debt run too high.Managing large scale projects code quality, scalability and running Test Suite of a large Rails project can be a challenge. Getting metrics, running selenium with cucumber can eat up lot of time. I cover some of the below topics, How to maintain the code quality between the developers on large scale projects Paring environments Code reviews Maintaining the test suite , etc We also cover below libraries Borg: distributed Test Suite runner for Rails, using Eventmachine and Redis) which is developed by me New Relic: a performance management system

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