RubyConf India 2012

Compared to 2 - 3 years back today's eco-system around IT Operations has changed significantly, The definitive responsibility line between infrastructure administrators and developers has been blurring continuously. We have experienced that developers want to experience same level of ease as its publicly available in form of commodity hardware, computing, monitoring, deployment and source control systems. Lots of IT organizations still go through lot of manual process for provisioning, monitoring, analysis, setup and do not take advantage new age tools. We had these issues in our existing environment as well. WE have been managing our servers using new age configuration management tools but thats not sufficient as we did not bring that advantage to our end users. Earlier 2011, we started working on an internal project called DevCloud - with sole aim to provide self serving / signup environments like popular SCM systems or cloud provider or monitoring system. The reason I have title ""Everything Ruby"" - because we choose to use Ruby every where for Ops world and as well as Dev world. We used puppet to manage our system, mcollective to create work flows. How did we use open source technologies to create our own enterprise private cloud based on OpenStack and OpenVZ/LXC containers or how did we create build system which scales on demand. In this talk I will be showcasing that how did we manage our infrastructure using Puppet and mcollective, how did we create self serving and self sign up environment. What are the challenges for adminsitrators for moving to Ruby and how developers can take advantage of existing OpenSource toolset built around Ruby to explore deployment patterns, scaling on demand, fireup more containers if required - In summary - how can you create a private cloud for your end users which provides end to end development ecosystem on demand.

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