Ruby Conf Australia 2014

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You probably use Ruby everyday, so why not use Ruby to automate some common tasks? What if you could spin up an EC2 instance and have it automatically configure your web server, database, users, and more? What if you could effectively capture and replicate your production environments reliably and consistently? What if you could then give developers production-like environments as Virtual Machines, with no additional work? What if you could set up your new laptop with multiple Ruby versions, your favourite software, and even change the desktop background - from a single command? The good news is - you can! Chef is a configuration management and automation tool that solves these problems and many more. In this talk, you'll learn common just how easy it is to capture your infrastructure in Chef. Save time and money by using Chef's Ruby DSL to "define" your laptop. How many times have you bought a new laptop and realise just how much stuff you installed over the years? If you're using Chef, run a single command

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