Ruby Conf Australia 2014

Video recording and production done by RubyConf AU

A detailed, deep-diving, in-the-deep-end and occasionally humorous whirlwind introduction and analysis of a suite of modern (and sometimes delightfully archaic) database technologies. How they work, why they work, and when you might want them to work in your Ruby and Rails application. At no extra charge I will also attempt to explain the oft-misunderstood CAP theorem, using databases as a device for understanding the trade offs and compromises inherent in building complex distributed systems. Including but not limited to: PostgreSQL Redis Cassandra Hyperdex MongoDb Riak Animated Gifs The goal of the talk is to shed light on the wide range of options outside of the "traditional" PostgreSQL or MySQL. Ruby on Rails has a rather myopic focus on particular patterns of database interaction and technology on which lead developers to overlook other tools that may be really well suited for particular use-cases.

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