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Ruby On Ales 2015

This presentation, by Eric Hodel, is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 3.0

Code schools are bringing new developers into the workforce, but regardless of the quality or length of the program there is only so much that can be absorbed by a student. It takes years of practice to move from a junior developer fresh out of school to a senior developer. Mentoring helps new developers improve faster, but years of experience as does not make you a good mentor by default. Successful mentoring can speed up this process. Being a successful mentor is more than pointing out mistakes in your junior's program. There are several basic strategies to successful mentorship including truly listening to your junior when they ask questions, giving just enough of a clue to allow self-discovery, managing frustration to keep on track, and focusing only on what you wish to teach right now while leaving other issues to handle later. By practicing these skills you can bring your junior developers skills forward faster to increase the productivity of your team.

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