Reject JS 2015

Powerful computation, cheaper electronics, increased connectivity and the steadily lowering of barriers to entry to prototyping and production are propelling a new hardware revolution. And you can be part of it. JavaScript might just be your ticket to this amazing ride. In my talk I’ll walk you through the rapidly evolving technological stack that allows regular web developers like us to do amazing stuff. Stuff that was the sole realm of electronic engineers and embedded developers just 10 years ago. To put all this into context, I’ll bring Felix along to Berlin. Felix is my small quadruped pet robot who wants to be (Boston Dynamics’) BigDog when he grows up. Transcending the virtual world is a powerful experience. Turning on an LED with software you just wrote feels like a Promethean endeavour. After this talk you will have no excuses not to get your hands dirty and start playing with hardware.

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