Reject Conf 2013

Video recording and productions done by JSConf

With Chrome Packaged Apps and Mozilla Open Web Apps, desktop apps can now be written in HTML & JS. Apart from cosmetical distinction, these apps gain a number of privileges over conventional Web apps. This talk focuses on the fileSystem and socket APIs for a polished attempt at bringing the Internet's best media distribution system back to the browser: Bitford, a BitTorrent client running as a Chrome Packaged App. Compared to other Chrome extensions, Bitford does not remote-control a native client behind the stages. It implements the standard BitTorrent wire protocol over TCP, storing data with the fileSystem API exposed by the browser, all in JavaScript. I will detail some practical techniques for processing binary data streams. Necessary information about BitTorrent will be provided. Then I am going to talk about ways to facilitate streaming to HTML5 media elements as soon as particular data is available and verified. That means: load a .torrent and start playback almost immediately!

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