RedDot Ruby Conf 2017

At their core, all errors trigger the same question, no matter who encounters them: What went wrong, and how do I make it work? At the same time, every error has specific target audiences that are interested in answering exactly that question - but possibly in very different ways. In this talk, we will explore how to design errors so they give each stakeholder the information they need to fix the issue at hand, and how we can use them to make our software even better. Errors might never be something you look forward to seeing - but when they crash your party, they'll at least know how to chat with the guests. Speaker's Bio Laura is a web developer living in Tokyo and working for Berlin. One of her favorite pastimes is learning something new, be it a technology, a language or anything else. When she’s not busy coding, you can usually find her reading things, making things, climbing on or jumping over things, or trying out another martial art.

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