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RedDot Ruby Conf 2014

This presentation, by Gautam Rege, is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 3.0

I love Ruby! But as in any relationship, to love means that you (often) have to accept the “dark side” too! Ruby is human in nature and has a lot of gotchas, tricks, weirdness and sometimes scary features that I plan to highlight. This talk aims to provide the “Ah-ha!” moments when working in Ruby. This talk is for beginners and experts alike - in fact, I tag slides to mark their level and beginners can choose to tune out of the heavy stuff! My talk shall cover the dark side of the following features of Ruby (in no particular order) Keyword wierdness method missing Module inheritance! (huh?) Accessor righteousness Curried Procs for the hungry Base Conversions Cherry picking module methods Oniguruma games Object id weirdness procs, blocks and our friend stabby. ==, ===, eql? and equal? and more… As with most of my talks, humor plays an important role and I shall aim to get everyone high on Ruby with a deep dive!

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