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RailsConf 2014

Did you know that there are many web users all over the universe with different impairments and they could not use the web apps we develop just because they are not accessible? Being blind, Nitin and his colleagues have experienced this and hence in this talk, they underline the importance of Web Accessibility by discussing aspects of WAI-ARIA guidelines, along with the practical demonstrations of accessible forms, tab panels, grids etc., while developing RIAs in Rails. Nitin is a Rails programmer working at Techvision - a team of MAD (Motivated and Dedicated) people and a company run by him and his visually challenged mates. They are based in India and love programming. Web accessibility is their expertise and passion. Do visit their website ( Gyani is a Java/J2EE professional and Ruby/Rails newbie. Having worked as a Technical Specialist in IT industry for more than 9 years, 9 months back he decided to join Techvision – a small start-up run by visually challenged Rubyists. Currently he is playing the role of Technical Mentor cum facilitator for the Techvision team and helping Techvision grow in all the domains, one among them is Accessibility which is their niche.

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