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RailsConf 2014

This presentation, by Austin Putman, is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 3.0

Does your test suite fail randomly now and then? Maybe your cucumbers are a little flakey. Maybe you're busy and just kick off the build again... and again. If you've had a week or two where the build just won't pass, you know how fragile a TDD culture is. Keep yours healthy, or start bringing it back to par today. Why do tests fail randomly? How do we hunt down the causes? We'll review known sources of "randomness", with extra focus on test pollution and integration suites. I empower people to make a difference with appropriate technology. Now I'm working to turn around the diabetes epidemic. I was a founding partner and lead dev in a tech cooperative for nonprofits, and a team anchor for Pivotal Labs, training and collaborating with earth's best agile engineers.

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