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RailsConf 2013

This presentation, by Trevor Rowe, is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 3.0

So you've just added a suite of RESTful APIs to your web service. Now you need to generate documentation and build Ruby, Python, and JavaScript clients to consume those new APIs. With so many moving parts, how do you keep your service, documentation and clients in sync? We all know how to describe data using ActiveRecord models. Have you considered using a model to describe your service? A service model provides a number of benefits including: easy to generate API documentation, consistent server side parameter validation, versioned APIs, easy to build clients, and more. It also represents a unified view of your API which helps to keep your code and documentation DRY. But what does a service model look like? For instance, did you know that your APIs can be described using just four parameter types? What if your could express your APIs using a Rails DSL? This talk will introduce Seahorse, a DSL for describing API operations for just about any web service. It provides all of the above functionality, allowing you to describe your service model in a single place with Ruby code. We will demonstrate how to use Seahorse to generate clients, model existing real-world APIs, and even build one of our own.

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