Rails Club 2015

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Nowadays it’s absolutely clear that data is one of the most valuable assets and thoughtful data analysis plays essential role in any company’s success. Whether you run machine learning algorithms to build smarter and more user friendly applications or to build financial and marketing reports for stake holders, you need to perform data transformations and calculations. Such applications can’t be designed in a classical Ruby on Rails way. Lambda and Kappa architectures are common patterns for building data processing applications. Toptal is a constantly growing company and is on track for $100M in revenue in 2015. To archive this in Toptal, we’re constantly improving our processes, KPIs and of course, our application. We’re searching for pitfalls and places to improve by monitoring our processes and by analysing our data. In this talk we will discuss main principles of Lambda and Kappa architectures and their implementations using Ruby on Rails based on Toptal’s analytics team experience.

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