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Pacific Northwest Scala 2014

This presentation, by Ryan Tanner, is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 3.0

How do three people build a scalable backend in a language only one has ever used before in just three months? By getting something else to do the heavy lifting. When Conspire graduated from TechStars and began planning our revamped product, we knew we needed a backend that was resilient, scalable and simple to understand. I was the company’s first hire and the only person on the team with any Scala experience but I convinced them to go with Akka and Scala. In roughly four months, we built exactly the backend we envisioned. That system has been in production for over a year. I'll discuss the challenges we faced with Scala and Akka and the lessons we've learned as we adapt our system to the changing needs of the business. Most importantly, I'll talk about what we did wrong and how we're addressing those issues going forward. (Bonus: the story of how our cluster crashed and burned the first time we put it into production!)

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