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Pacific Northwest Scala 2014

This presentation, by Li Haoyi, is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 3.0

This talk will explore the hands-on beginner experience of making things with Scala.js. In particular, it will cover a few topics: How to make a standalone Scala.js single-page web app How to make and publish a cross-platform (JS/JVM) Scala library How to make a client-server Scala.js website with shared code Each topic will take 25 minutes, and will take you through the entire process from "clone this repo from Github" to "complete, usable project". By the end of this, anyone who's familiar with both Scala and web-dev should be ready to begin cranking out their next project in Scala.js, whatever that may be. Bring your computers with SBT and IDEs ready to follow along!

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