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Open Source & Feelings 2015

In games, a valuable team is made up of characters with varied talents and skills. They need to be adaptable, to communicate, and most of all, to work together. As a team, they can accomplish even the most intimidating quests. It's time we took this mentality to the open source community. Roleplaying games can teach us a lot about diversity and working as a team if we dig a little deeper. In such games, players take on the role of a fantasy character and participate in quests and adventures with a group of other players. During this talk, I will take popular fantasy classes and relate them to the variety of people who contribute to open source communities every day. Just like a roleplaying party would fail with only type of character, open source needs the unsung heroes: the technical writers, the artists, the testers—to make the project a reality. By building our 'party' around diverse interests and welcoming newcomers with open arms, open source communities can prosper.

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