OpenStack Summit Tokyo 2015

Video recording and production done by OpenStack Foundation.

You are developer, and you have just been told to work with OpenStack. Welcome to the OpenStack community! You have also just been told you need to release your product next month, you have your all the codeyou’re your new feature complete, and a few bug fixes done. Now you just need to get that pushed upstream. Where do you go next? You have been working for OpenStack for a while; some internal issues meant you had to stop reading the ML for a month or two. How do you get back in the loop? You are working hard reviewing specs and code, and the work load is getting crazy, and everyone is saying their use case is the most important thing for OpenStack, and they are all really useful things to consider. What is the right thing to do? Maybe we can use lessons from Harper Lee's To Kill a Mockingbird improves how new and established OpenStack contributors work together? John has spent time at Citrix packaing OpenStack for public cloud, then pushing a vendor technology upstream (with an element of coopetition). Since early 2013, he has been working on Rackspace’s public cloud. Mostly recently he served as the Nova PTL for the Liberty release. He is distilling what he has learnt during this journey, and looking to share this experience more widely, and hopes this will help create some great conversations about how we can all work together even more efficiently and effectively.

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