OpenStack Summit Tokyo 2015

Video recording and production done by OpenStack Foundation.

雲泥の差 (undei no sa) - the Japanese Proverb which literally translated means: "The separation between clouds and mud", implying there is a vast difference between two things. In practice this session is to focus on the difference between "Installing" an OpenStack cloud, from truly "Operating" that cloud... OpenStack continues to gain momentum and wide spread adoption across organizations of all shapes and sizes. As these groups progress beyond early proof-of-concept evaluations and look to deploy and operate production clouds, they are often faced with the challenges of what comes on day two and beyond (“Now that I have it installed, what does it take to actually operate an OpenStack cloud?”). In this session we will explore many of the key lessons we have learned that have come from operating OpenStack private clouds of every size and shape over the last few years as a service provider, and share the best practices that we have developed to enable our teams to not just install, but to operate these clouds… Join key leaders from the Rackspace support and product organization as they share some of the best practices that we have developed in a number of key areas: Building Teams - How to think about building and organizing teams, what is the culture and environment needed to help them deliver their best? Processes and Enabling Functions - How to instill process and rigidity without impeding your team and your customers? The Virtuous Cycle - Building feedback loops and recognizing the different personas you need to serve

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