OpenStack Summit Tokyo 2015

Video recording and production done by OpenStack Foundation.

Ironic currently supports provisioning of bare metal deployments on a flat network. While this may be acceptable in small or test deployment scenarios, it is not a desirable solution for larger deployments where multi-tenancy support is needed. Flat networks does not provide isolation of tenant traffic. Therefore, operators end up creating extensive infrastructure to provide isolation for tenants for their deployments. Ideally, Operators desire to utilize same tenant isolation for their bare metal deployments that is available for virtual machine deployments (i.e VLANs or VxLAN based isolated networks). We propose utilizing Neutron networking in Ironic for bare metal deployments in a similar manner as these networks are available to Nova for virtual deployments. This streamlines and simplifies the bare metal deployments while providing full multi-tenancy support. Ironic and Neutron teams have been working together to make this a reality. We will present the details and deep dive of this implementation in this session. Come and learn how you can take advatage of this framework for your deployment scenarios.

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