OpenStack Summit Tokyo 2015

Video recording and production done by OpenStack Foundation.

The telecoms industry is undergoing the biggest change in its history as Communication Service Providers (CSPs) move to new DevOps-like delivery models enabled by latest advances in technology such as Network Function Virtualization (NFV) or Cloud in general. OpenStack and other open source projects provide a solid foundation for building next generation Telco Clouds, but building a carrier-grade solution takes more than just picking up and assembling building blocks. In this session, we will present a top-down view from Telco cloud-based network service management strategies and the mapping to the underlying infrastructure services provided by OpenStack, based on a real-world implementation. We will outline the concepts of policy-based closed loop management of end-to-end network services, supported by examples, and we will discuss the role of service- and application level monitoring in this policy-based approach. We will discuss how service-level policies can be broken down and mapped to capabilities provided in OpenStack today in a pluggable architecture, leveraging orchestration technology such as Heat or monitoring in Ceilometer. Based on the presented as-is solution, we will also consider potential future enhancements to OpenStack components, inspired by Telco use cases.

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