OpenStack Summit Tokyo 2015

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The storlet framework enables running user-defined functions, such as transformations and filtering of data as it is uploaded or downloaded to/from an object store. We have integrated the storlet framework with Swift using the standard 'middleware way'. Unlike conventional Swift middleware though, storlets provide a framework to run a dynamically loaded computation on the Swift data path, where the computation executes either on the object or the proxy nodes inside a Docker container. Calling for participation, we are releasing an initial reference implementation of the storlet framework, which uses Docker containers, as a Stackforge project. In addition, the related Swift middleware has been submitted to the Swift community for a review. In this talk we will review the project, detail the design of the storlet framework, show use cases for analytics and media, and outline the future plans for Storlets, including potential integration with container management frameworks like Magnum as well as other integration options.

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