OpenStack Summit Tokyo 2015

Video recording and production done by OpenStack Foundation.

Capabilities. Migration. Replication. No one agrees what any of these things mean outside of their own context. Each vendor has their own definition of these, and it simply brings every discussion to a standstill. This is neither productive nor helpful for the Cinder project or the vendors themselves. We like to wrap Cinder up in a nice clean box and call it just "Software Defined Storage" but that, too, is pretty meaningless. Cinder has seemingly been stuck for several cycles with the same topics coming up each summit. The Cinder development community needs to answer a few very hard questions or this state will continue. What are these questions? I'm glad you asked. What should Cinder do? What shouldn't Cinder do? What is interoperability and how much makes sense? Why do we think our operators are unable to configure their cloud? Why should every capability (sorry) of a backend be exposed through the Cinder API?

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