OpenStack Summit Tokyo 2015

Video recording and production done by OpenStack Foundation.

OpenStack provides a wide array of persistent storage services, ranging from local data volumes managed by the Cinder API, to object storage via Swift, image storage via Glance, and shared file services through Manila. For OpenStack administrators, this can create a management burden by imposing multiple independent storage silos to provide volume, file and object storage for Nova based application instances. What is required to simplify this problem is a scalable storage solution, that can grow organically to Petabytes of capacity, and scale-out performance for multiple application, workloads and protocols. The Scality RING is a Software Defined Storage (SDS) solution that frees storage administrators from purchasing hardware appliance based storage arrays, and converges multi-workload, multi-protocol services into a single management view, to provide Cinder, Glance, Swift and Manila file storage services for 80% of OpenStack workloads. This session will explore the capabilities of the Scality RING to deliver these capabilities, and enable OpenStack developers with an increasing range of storage options for their applications - all with simplified storage management.

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