OpenStack Summit Tokyo 2015

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Getting your cloud images right is critical to the success of any cloud deployment. Getting all of the basics in place from security settings to patch levels will greatly streamline your use cases down the line. Doing this by hand can be complicated and filled with potential missteps. The key to mitigating this is automating the process with a tool that is both reproducible and testable. Enter Packer! Packer is a tool developed by HashiCorp (the people behind Vagrant) to help you create identical cloud images for a variety of different environments. It also allows you to create image templates that are easy to version control and understand what happens during the image creation process. In this talk, we will show you how to get up and running with Packer and get your images right from the start. We will cover the following areas: Packer Installation - We will show you how to get Packer up and running quickly Preparing OpenStack - We will review what is needed on your OpenStack cloud to get started. Building your first Packer Template - We will create and review the options in a Packer Template Testing - No code is complete without it. Expanding your Template with provisioners - We will review the options for iteration, once your base template is in place. Packer has many options and will work with OpenStack and many other cloud solutions, both public and private. Join us to see how this tool really takes a lot of the pain out of image building images.

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