OpenStack Summit Tokyo 2015

Video recording and production done by OpenStack Foundation.

Every week we are hearing about more organizations being breached. Whether it is healthcare organizations like Anthem, financial institutions like JP Morgan Chase, content providers like Sony Pictures Entertainment, or government institutions like the US Office of Personnel and Management, it seems like no one is invulnerable. Adjacent to this frustrating trend, is a total upheaval of the enterprise technology stack in the datacenter. Now the datacenter evolved to a private cloud and enterprises are interested in offloading, for cost efficiency purposes, some of those workloads to the public cloud. Hence the emergence of the hybrid cloud. The hybrid cloud presents unique security challenges that haven't existed before. With workloads moving between public and private clouds, across OpenStack environments and potentially in containers, how is an enterprise IT team supposed to protect their data and their company, from being breached? Is it even possible? FlawCheck believes data protection is not an insurmountable problem. But as technology changes and threads change, protection strategies and solutions also need to change. In this presentation, we’ll cover the risks associated with hybrid cloud environments, with a particular emphasis on malware, vulnerabilities, remediation management of hybrid cloud environments, and breach avoidance.

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