OpenStack Summit Tokyo 2015

Video recording and production done by OpenStack Foundation.

OpenStack is a mash of technologies and in production its often distributed across multiple servers. This is really challenging to deliver while training OpenStack. OpenStack training labs is a tool which will deploy a multinode cluster running OpenStack services on top of it. This cluster can be spun up with just a simple command on any modern laptop/desktop across multiple OSs. This enables free community training and also self-paced training of OpenStack. Also this could be a potential tool for commercial and internal trainings. We plan to discuss and explain our design decisions made by our team and discuss more about this tool and how to improve it. About OpenStack Training Labs: OpenStack Training Labs is a tool for deploying a lean, multinode cluster of OpenStack using VM's on common hardware (laptops/desktops). This tool has been developed as a part of training guides and is really useful for training's, proof-of-concepts, trying out new features/projects of OpenStack as it simplifies the deployment (one command setup) and emulates production grade deployments (with loss of performance ofcourse). The existing code base can be found here: Recent Developments: Our team decided to move this project out of training guides and re-brand the name to "OpenStack Labs". This is recent development and the blueprint is almost merged, waiting for the PTL to merge it, although the initial discussions have been done and the project has been approved. We have the following challenges/to-do list: Initially our team decided to use BASH but as the code base increased massively over the past few months, we plan to port to Python. This tool just supports Ubuntu guests, we plan to add OpenSUSE and CentOS to provide more options. We also want to support KVM hypervisor for better performance on Linux based OS. Re-use this project as a way to test install-guides in the OpenStack CI system.

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