OpenStack Summit Tokyo 2015

Video recording and production done by OpenStack Foundation.

Most of our customers are from hardware design team, so how to connect our cloud with their requirements is a big challenge for us. We have investigated some new usage models of OpenStack Cloud to serve our hardware customers. In this talk, we will introduce one of typical scenario from our customers who is focus on the mainboard/mobile prototype validation. And we also want to discuss about some potential use cases of OpenStack to make it more practical. Here is the detail of the story: Our customer’s daily work is testing a large number of hardware devices. The workflow is using one PC to take the role of controller node for connecting the several test instruments and one DUT ( Device Under Test ) via USB cables. Now IT helps them to migrate the validation platform to the OpenStack. Replacing amounts of PCs with VMs and leverage the USB over network solution & terminal client to meet the requirement, which test instruments & DUTS need to be automatically connect with the VMs after devices reboot/soft-interrupt. And not only that, it is independent of VM guest OS or console connection. User could easily to attach USB devices to target VM like operate the volume attachment. Based on this retrofit, we not only uncoupled software test platform with physical devices, but also place the physical devices over the tridimensional space, such as high-density rack mounted model. Benefit is quickly deployment the test environment on demand and saving the Lab space & controller nodes cost.

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