OpenStack Summit Tokyo 2015

Video recording and production done by OpenStack Foundation.

The term quality of service (QoS) traditionally refers to the users reservation, or guarantee of a certain status of service quality. Running a cloud under the assumption that there should be unlimited resources out there for applications to consume, cloud admins are consistently looking for ways to observe user-perceived quality, and to dynamically tune the service level. Both of them should be based on real-time data generated by the cloud. To address QoS in OpenStack we look much beyond networks. Any resource where there exists contention, there goes the need of QoS. For example: CPU Memory Disk IO Network IO System bus In this talk we will explore the current status of QoS in OpenStack. we will be looking at both what is possible now and what is right happening in each project space. we will also share what we did in WebEx OpenStack deployment. How we built up the native QoS as Services framework inside Openstack, how we successfully tackled this problem systematically, and finally the most important, what we have learned along this long journey.

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