OpenStack Summit Tokyo 2015

Video recording and production done by OpenStack Foundation.

NTT Resonant Inc., one of NTT group company, is an operator of the "goo" Japanese web portal and a leading provider of Internet services. NTT Resonant deployed and has been operating OpenStack as its service infrastructure since October 2014 in production. The infrastructure started with 400 hypervisors and now accommodates more than 80 services and over 1700 virtual servers. It processes most of 170 Million unique users per month and 1 Billion page views per month. We will show our knowledge based on our experience. This talk will specifically cover the following areas: This shortened the timeframe to provide virtual server to service developers. This improved the efficiency of development cycle by making it possible for service developers to scrap and build virtual servers by themselves. How we successfully introduced OpenStack under short timeframe from planning through migrating most of services from existing infrastructure. How we designed our system using Nova, Glance, Swift, Keystone, Horizon and Neutron. Which components we decided to integrate with OpenStack and not to integrate. OpenStack flexibly allows us to separately use appliances such as load balancer and firewall. The distribution we chose was packages from RDO community of the Icehouse release. How we modified the code to meet our requirement and our operation rules, mainly Horizon and some of APIs. How we use Puppet, Zabbix and ticket system to manage and operate 400 hypervisors in efficient. How we improve and automate our workflow including both of virtual server provisioning and web application configuration by using Puppet framework. We show our whole actual process from the creation of virtual servers to cutting over a web service in connection with OpenStack, Puppet, Zabbix and a few manual configurations for network appliances. How we monitor more than thousands virtual servers swarmed over OpenStack as a team responsibility of operation monitoring system in company. The issues and future plan we have been addressing such as upgrade.

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