OpenStack Summit Tokyo 2015

Video recording and production done by OpenStack Foundation.

As of today, NTT Group, the largest telecommunications company in Japan, has a variety of OpenStack deployments, from R&D testbed to production in both public and private cloud services. The journey, however, was not straight forward. We had to struggle with issues in many different aspects before putting OpenStack in production. Those include non-technical issues such as business customs especially in operation as well as strong quality requirements from "carrier grade" SLAs. In this talk, we will be sharing experiences, both good and bad, from our four years of journey with OpenStack. You will be hearing: - How we tested OpenStack in early days when people were still skeptic about the hype of OpenStack - How we dealt with 150 bugs that we found and the decision we had to make - How we built our first "Folsom-based" OpenStack for production - How we changed the architecture design based on the lessons learned from the first deployment - How we changed our mindset to live with OpenStack in a sustainable manner - What we did and didn't do to OpenStack against requirements from service/operation side - Where OpenStack fit and still doesn't fit in NTT Group's broad requirements It will be a user story, and will hopefully be a case study for others to learn from our experiences.

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